Day 433 Berth Rail, Tub plumbing
This is one of those days where the first project takes all day, well for me anyway! I made the top cap for the berth aft. It is a purchased length of oak, pre-shaped, but needed to be routed under neath to fit over the 7/8" board that makes the berth edge.
Getting those angles right can so easily be a disaster. I alway cut lengths with a 1/4" fudge factor, just to make sure I'm not goofing. Because the thing is recessed over the board, the lengths changed, by about 1/4"!

The "entry" area came to a good height, with the step attached.

The step was removed for more coats of varathane. It is a high rub area, just like the steps into the cockpit, which has worn off and been coated 5 times I bet.

One more thing done!

Gena plumbed in the shower connection and tap, which had been an issue last week. The "RV" tub came with taps and a shower connection, but the darn thing leaked, and was of poor quality. We could see it lasting maybe 1 month before things started failing. It's hard to believe how badly something so simple can be designed! So off we went to Rona.

Anyway, the tap spout will be in the left lower corner, which makes things look even in a diagonal sort of way.

Inset in the photo is behind the stall. Gena has so much patience with this sort of thing, not me! I'd have hired a plumber.

Gena did some major cleanup in the rest of the boat, which is another of her specialties. :)


 Another interesting tidbit I did today was a solution to the little tambour cover door on Gena's desk. As mentioned before, I didn't want an ugly handle sticking out, hooking people hips and clothing, so any kind of surface latch was out of the question as well.

I found these child security drawer latches. They are quite well built and are designed to allow the drawer to come out enough that an adult can push a finger inside, which releases the drawer.

I mounted the catch inside and drilled a hole for a 1/4" bolt with a spring. when pushed in, the door pops open! Great! Now I need to find an oak knob to screw on to the bolt.


Day 433:
5.5 hours - Made top rail for aft berth, plumbed in shower adapter and tap

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