Day 421 Desktop continued
This  page continues the desk tambour thingy  project. There it is closed! After a 3rd ( or was it 4th ) coat of Varathane, she's lookin' pretty good. Hard to believe that tambour was off of old, de-commissioned desks. Some of the slats have what appears to be burns, but could just as easily be mold too. After a sand and re-stain, it looks like new again.
The end bookshelf was made as a face frame, then pressed into place as it was tight. Some silicone set on the inside edge will stop it from creaking and rubbing against the bulkhead there.  Notice the 3/8" inset. That will be to seat the shelf top into. The routed in strips are for a sliding gate so books don't fall out.


I also mananged to get the little round door together. Between the frames is some 1/16" marine grade teak ply. ( From my "purchasing materials for model boat building that I never got around to doing because we started building a real one" days!) The edges don't show it as I had to keep the  3/8" matched with the inset  on the frame. This will make the door come in flush, I hope.

Shown right is the hockey stick in test position with support inset for the top that will cover the cabinet.  The outer hull panel has no support here so the top will be used ( with silicone eventually ) to hold it from flopping back if weight is pressed against it.

Gena has been away from the boat for a while now. The boat is probably cursing the house for all the attention it has stolen from her! Photos below show Gena brushing up on her ..uh .. brushing up.

Day 421:
8 hours: Continued on desk

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