Day 413 Heater tank
Today Gena welded the fittings on to the required gravity feed fuel tank for the space heater. It looks like a propane tank because it is a propane tank, fully evacuated and washed with water of course.
view down hull   It probably was a good idea to have a heater, but the simplicity of this system began to disappear when the " how do we fill it?" part came into design.

The picture above attempts to indicate how the system is connected.
The fill line comes from the diesel fuel pump that also supplies the engine with it's fuel, switched in with a solenoid valve.
The overflow line takes care of excess fuel from the the tank when full, and feeds fuel back down into the fuel return system.
On top of that, there is a vent line coming from all of the fuel tanks that happened to be passing by.( The black hose )

Gena thought she had everything under control until she pulled the cover off of the heater and noticed it had a return line! This must be hooked up, so she just tapped into the vent hose. There!!

The position of the tank is such that access to the top fittings is possible, but as Genas' scowl indicates, it's an arm stretcher!
My job was a little more subtle. The weird shape below is for the aft entry door. The angled ends butt into the shape the sides of the frame make. The top of the door frame was always a head banger ( I'm more into electronic music myself ) so I made a padded top frame covered with leather from an old coat I had. It has saved my head twice thus far!

I added an end section and sliding tambour door to the nav. table support. I routed the track for the tambour and remembered to raise it on some 3/8" ply to allow overlap for the carpet.
The action of the slider was eased with crayon. The wax makes it all smooth. I had to pick a nice brown color!

The support for the table is now in place.


Next was the mounts for the seat. I had to mimic the shape of the car floor with blocks. Bolts will go through these to hold the seat firmly in place.


Day 413:
Mounted gravity feed tank for heater, mounted sliding door/table support.

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