Day 401 Bowsprit, engine
The lower part of the bowsprit was added some time ago and the stanchion mounts welded in place according to the angles I thought appropriate. Today I will find out if the stanchions will fit!

To add strength and stability, it is always recommended joins be connected with screws through the tube, not just set screws. I have decided to weld in the supporting sections and use 7/8" pipe as an insert to add rigidity and strength. The 2 stanchions ( above ) have the connectors welded right on. After these, lifeline will be used.

The forward-most stanchions are actually one unit shaped like an H. A tab was welded on to mount a spotlight to.

Amazingly it all went together with relative ease, that is until the top rail needed to come together. It resisted for about an hour or so!


Sprit together at last!

The bends had to be matched carefully so as to give an even appearance.

A small floor must be built on same light framing for the sprit. I am still trying to decide what kind of wood to use.

Plastic wood?


For now the frames can be made. The aft-most frame must be able to flip up so access to the anchor rollers is available.

A simple frame using 3/4" should suffice, being pretty light. I randomly drilled holes in it for screws just in case. Everything difficult must be done before the boat is hauled out to the coast and hand drilling stainless is much harder than using a drill press (which won't be coming with us!)

Getting a spare parts engine seemed like maybe a waste of money at first, but has already paid off more than what it cost.

Fittings, pulleys, transmission heat exchanger, and brackets have all been pulled off this identical engine. This one was used in a marine application whereas the one we have put inside the boat, pretty stripped down,  wasn't.

It will also give us backup fuel injectors, and fuel pump assembly, which is a $2000 touch by itself.

Gena has been tearing down both engines, cleaning the parts and painting them with the classic blue engine enamel Perkins start iout with when they're new.

The mounted oil and fuel filters are readily available but must have large extra filters that are designed for marine use. Those will be covered shortly.

The starter off the other engine is brand new so was transferred. Gena has it so prettied up with it's makeover, I can almost look at it with some interest. Maybe this beast is worth getting to know after all!

"Big Blue" gets makeover

Day 401:
13 hours - Bowsprit, rigged engine

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