Day 397
Helm pump, radar arch
Today I was Miss Build-it. That is until the radar arch polishing started, which needed to be done from a year ago. More on that later.

Helm pump mount beefed up
Gena asked for a helm pump mount to complete the steering system inside. It started out as a simple angle of 2 1/8" SS plates, then had gussets added for support. Cut outs for adjustment of the pump ensued and a bit of smoothing made it presentable. As it turned out this was not enough to make the pump rock solid so Gena brought it back down and had me add a piece of flat bar around the face. This stiffened it up substantially.
As you can see I made her grind it. I was busy doing something else.


The helm pump is now in place. The sprocket is shown but no chain. That'll be soon!

The pump needed to be risen up a couple of more inches so there would be room for the valves and lines/connectors etc. to go through the floor and make an abrupt turn aft on top of the starboard fuel tank.  Those fittings are big and bulky. It's a good thing Gena knows the difference between hydraulic fittings and plumbing fittings. I don't! I think she has a secret book she's not telling me about!

Anyway, it's cool to see the heavy thing has finally a home.

  The engine heat exhaust will have two openings, and a recycle port to keep the heat in the boat. One will flow through the coaming and out 4 Vetus vents aft. The other will flow out of the dorade on the starboard side.
When the engine is not running, a large flapper, similar to one on a duct heating system in a house, can be opened and the dorade just acts as a wind scoop to draw air out of the boat. This flapper is closed to exhaust hot air from the engine. The dorade needs to have a water catcher. Some time ago, I welded in a drain for it. The time seems appropriate to make the water basin. The "V" shape won't interfere with the airflow, and will allow for good drainage. A diagram to the left shows the basic layout.

I checked the little tank to make sure it was waterproof before painting, even though it is stainless and will be hidden, I still have pride about how it looks!

About the engine intake, I sometimes wonder if we should have gone ahead with the external intake vent. It's a big problem though, being so large and a major opening for water to flow into in the event of a knockdown. For now we'll try internal, knowing full well that when the engine is running there will be a cold airflow going from the nearest open hatch into the pilot seat area before it is sucked in and over the engine. Worst comes to worst, we can install one later on, using a jigsaw and drill.

Navigation lights ( port and starboard) mounted

 Among other things, Gena finished up some wiring to the dash, and ran up the wiring for the big switch panel. What a clump that is!

Once the LED nav lights were mounted, she just had to try them out. They are visible along the center line, I estimate 20' in front of the boat and beyond. Gena is worried that they can't be seen from the bow. I can't see them from in front of the pilot house either  so I don't think it's really an issue. If another boat is that close, we'll have hit them before they could pull the wheel over much less change course.

The 225 design allows both lights to be visible only when dead-on, and that's what they'll be. We still have the mast lights if there's problems though.

Quite bright at night and the green- blue is definitely correct. It's an unmistakable color that.

 -I mentioned earlier the radar arch.
I have welded/ground/polished thus far on it for 12 hours. Constant. The sisal 6" disks are working nicely, especially over the welds. Much quicker than conventional soft disks. I stayed out there until after 10 PM and predict I have another 12 hours to go. Problem is I only have one sisal disk left. These must be ordered from out east as they aren't available here. ( Not much is really!)

Center bar added for radar gimbal support...
Therein lies my problem. I need to get the arch in place so I can start on the stanchions, which come off of the arch. I really don't want to be polishing up there as that will throw black goop, with the consistency of axel grease all over everything. Arg!!! What to do!
Anyway, I'll keep you posted.

Finishing the welding started a year ago

Day 397:
16 hours - polished radar arch. Wired in nav lights, switch panel wiring, made and mounted P.H. helm pump, made vent dorade tank.

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