Day38 Pulling in coned out joins on port and trimming
( Me cutting)
The port side was already pretty close but we faired out the imperfections in the radius butt joins anyway, always room for improvement.
To the right is a photo of how we used the jack to push in the coned out sections. Between that and tacking first on the inside, then on the outside, the plates faired in nicely. Most of them didn't need to be slot out more than 1/16". A word of warning about thin grinding disks:
Make sure the disk is seated flat in the grinder, as some grinders require an inset disk that seats in a cup. Ours flew apart after a couple of minutes of use. One piece went down & hit the concrete, while the other shot about 150 feet into the air ! After that, we placed a thick washer onto the grinder first, the the wheel couldn't pull in and crack.
After the joins were all faired in, we proceeded to trim off the lengthwise excess we had left on as a precaution. ( Top pic and right )
From what we have heard, trying this with a torch would be out of the question, but with the plasma cutter it's a breeze!
Once again we have decided to go with a soft curve to mark the radius to flat plate join. It still would have been difficult to do this before putting up the plate as it always was slightly out of the origional position it was marked in. I don't think this will make plating the underside any easier, but it sure will look better !

Day 38:
6.5 hours - Pushed in port side radius butt join coning, and sliced off excess at top and bottom of radius plate the length of the hull.

DAY 37
  Gena and I have produced a TV series of the whole project from start to finish! Watch this and lots more from the first frame to the last halyard (which was a "slopper stopper" for the boom actually!)
  It was quite a bit of work to produce, but well worth it in the end! The DVD volumes are separated into 10 episodes, the final being an extended episode.
  There's lots of video footage never seen on-line, great music, and 3-D animations of different projects and concepts. It's all been put together in an interesting and entertaining, sometimes hilarious, way. Building a boat is the same -interesting, entertaining, and funny...and not so funny sometimes!
  We hope we can give you all a taste of what it was like! S&G

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