Day 367

TV stand/galley cupboards
As we have bought a brand new 19" LCD TV for the boat, we need somewhere to put it. It was never an option as we like to watch sailing videos, our own videos as well as test my music videos, local TV broadcasts and even watch movies.
There are several options including either bulkhead over the dining area, but this would cause cricks in the neck after any amount of time looking up. My desire was always to put it on the back of the cupboards that were then to be coming out over the countertop island in the galley. After looking at this and making a mock version of those cupboards we realized the cupboards would be too big and make the galley cumbersome.
The solution is to shorten the cupboards to 18" but extend the "TV box" the full 36" alone. The idea seemed to work but the whole thing needs to be styled in accordance to the rest of this area, plus have no sharp edges.

Another issue is where to put the 12 volt microwave? Everywhere except under the decks seemed just a bit too small. We searched shops for another, even if it meant powering off the inverter, but it seems they are all about the same size. Under the decks I want to put roll top cupboards so those areas are out.
We then realized we could hang it under the TV and run the cupboards out just far enough to hang it from, leaving counter space to the right of the sinks.

So I got to work making it become reality. As can be seen in the photo (right) the top will get it's support from the ceiling. A solid board of oak will do nicely. Originally, the plywood from the counter was to continue to the ceiling but with this new design, it only goes to the bottom of the cupboards and will serve as a base for the TV box.
After fitting all of the wood precisely, a curved end must be decided. I have used photoshop and an offset image ( slightly to the left ) to create a visual perception of how it may look. It seems ok so that's how it will be! (photo below )

The edges around the face of the box must be routed in about 1/8" to inset a piece of Lexan.
This will protect the delicate front of the LCD TV from shoulders falling into it in rough sea conditions. Better safe than sorry!
Speaker grills will need to be cut out so we can hear the thing.

The little drawn-in panel near the top left is a projection of my stereo amp/control. (yes! Another electronic project!)  Here we will be able to select inputs from the TV/DVD/radio/audio input jack. I plan to make the thing myself as the power requirements can be kept extremely low using low wattage speakers ( I have several that are high quality less than 4 watts ) and 5 LM386 amps ( left/right left-back/right-back/sub ), each only using .5 amps at full volume.
Sure beats the average car systems with their cold cathode displays and high draw amps drawing a whopping 2 to 3 amps even at low volume!

Support top board to batten in ceiling curve

 We had searched hard for a stereo that was low draw, i.e. that would run on batteries therefore they must be low draw, but found nothing "square" that would fit or of any quality. How frustrating it was.

Because of the right edge being a board attached to the bulkhead, there is some space left to run all of the cables coming form the TV and stereo as well as the future installation of 2 120 volt cables to and from the Zantrac inverter/charger. The TV has a 4 bolt mounting system that will make it easy to mount to the back wall of the box.

Notice in the photo left how I used the "cut-out"  bottom triangle to fill the open top triangle on the left side of the opening, thus making a vertical frame. I love it when ideas work!

After some routing, a bit of glue and some screws the whole thing is lookin' good. Just some border finishing to complete it.

Gena faced the small top cupboards so she could get started on the shore power breaker box and wiring. The last photo gives an idea where the microwave will be situated. This structure is really paying for itself with space saving features, so it had to be put together well....and attached well.


Day 367:
7 hours - Made galley top cupboards and support for microwave, TV stand etc

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