Day 364
Forward Berth
Because of the sagging associated with the plastic "trellis" we are using on the forward berth, we have decided to add in a couple more supports just to be sure. They are the light colored wood being uncoated and all. The whole structure of it seems quite strong thanks in part to the gusseting.

Mattress sewed in and really to go up!
The twin mattress, a 5" thick "higher weight" foam encompassed in standard mattress material found in sleepers on big trucks and kids bedrooms alike, cost around $150 CAD.

Gena was upset we couldn't use a double, but after I explained the whole thing from one corner down would need to be sliced off to conform to the shape near the bow, she agreed it would be a waste of money.

The little corner that this shape leaves (photo below) can be easily filled by the remnant of this cut, cover with a finished material, giving that end the same width as a double pretty much.

I conjured up my old hand sewing skills from back when I was a starving artist ( I haven't needed to hand sew for years since we have a sewing machine now! ) and did ( I think ) a good job of outside sewing an inside seam.

Any fitted sheets will need to be cut in a similar fashion probably. I'm not sure if that's what people do or not??

The plastic was put back on to protect it from sawdust. It's staying up here as with the tarp on the boat it was quite a job to maneuver it up.

Now we have a hankering to spend a night on the boat trying it out :))

It seems small but 2 people can lay comfortably on this berth because the hull leans away and can be used as a leaning area. We tried it out and theres a lot of moving room. Just need to fill that hole in the corner before we do a sleep test.


The little corner under the bookshelf seems pretty void, so I have decided to make a cool little "cup holder" there. You'll be seeing that in upcoming days, but a foot locker at the narrow end of the berth  must be tackled first.



I was thinking this is probably pretty boring to read about, but it is exciting for us as there is now a great place to rest without getting covered in sawdust or going down into the house. As well as the possibility of staying on the boat all weekend.

When we were building our house we were living in town in a mobile home. Once the bedrooms were finished ( funny enough ) we started staying overnight at the house instead of driving 35 min. all the way back into town.

Is this some sort of primeval reflex? Kinda defies explanations doesn't it?


If you can imagine away all of the brika-brak on the desk and countertops ( beyond my photoshop abilities! ) Things are starting to look quite agreeable. The beauty and comfort of wood is still unparalleled in this age of resins and plastics.  
Gena did more pipe work today, heating hose to get it over fittings and running more lines back. There will be ( in addition to day 311 ) a more complete overview of all this complexity coming up. I know it's of interest to anyone building a boat because the systems are all similar. i.e. head, galley, exterior, tanks etc.
Somehow she found time to put the end on the galley island ( on the second try ha ha! ) so now I have the option of adding the cool rounded door that will utilize this little space.
Trying to figure out where to put our 12 volt microwave is a real problem, still ongoing, but the photo is to show the trim along all of the countertop edges. This will give some protection from objects sliding off from a swell while at anchor or in a busy marina. The lip is about 3/8" high.

The gimbal motion and balance on the stove has been assisted by a chunk of lead ( about 15 lbs ) but we may add more after doing some "large pot full of water" tests. The gimbal point was moved lower because we needed to reduce the swing. Hopefully this works ok!!

I need to make a flip up guard around the stove top out of SS rod but it's just way too cold out to fire the welder up ( -20) so that'll have to wait.


Day 364:
7 hours - fit mattress, added trim around galley counters, more pipe running, put on end of island

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