Day 362 Galley Sink Berth "web"
Today Gena mounted the sinks in the galley, along with the taps and manual pump. As in the head, there is a manual pump just in case the pressure pump fails, also to save power for what may be just a little water. The sinks we acquired while in Vancouver at a "used" chandlery. They are in pretty good shape, a couple of scratches on one I may polish out.
Lining them up with the trim, where it's most noticeable, was a challenge as butyl tape was used in place of silicone. Butyl, like on the windows squeezes out to the edge as it is torqued down, thus keeping "stuff" from going underneath and getting trapped. Un fortunately, the whole thing being in an oversize hole allowed it to move around while tightening.

Deciding on the type of drain pipes and where they will go will be dictated by the position of the watermaker, and access to everything down below the floor.
[Sorry about the "Monty Python" video presentation, I am practicing video artistry and CG at every opportunity in preparation for making a "Boatbuilding video" to be available at hopefully by this summer '07.]

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There must be access to the watermaker to change filters, which requires some space for wrenches etc., and for the intake valves under there. There are also 2 shelves under there toward the corner that have 4" faces to prevent things from sliding off, adding to the galley storage arsenal. Every bit of space counts!

Extra corner support routed out

I excitedly worked on the forward berth base. It's been a project I have been dieing to do since the bulkhead went in! Instead of plywood, we are going to try plastic lattice material as it is impervious to water and already has vent holes in it. The frame is to be kept light but must have some strength and rigidity.

I could have just doweled each corner ( except the wide corner ) but the twisting from lifting the frame with the weight of the mattress and whatever else on top would certainly break the join. That is why 1/2" plywood was sunk into the frame then glued and screwed firmly in place. (Photo left)

After the sanding and varathane finish was dry, the lattice was glued with PL400 then screwed into place. It seems pretty strong, but sags some.

Before the lattice was screwed down it needed to be heated up near the heater as this stuff will expand by 1/4" over 75" ! One cooled it will stretch tight but shouldn't break. We'll see. Also if the sag is too much, a center frame will be added. We can only test it out with a nights sleeping on it, can't wait to get a mattress!

If it doesn't work out, it'll be back to plywood with holes drilled in it like evryone else. Has anyone else ever tried this stuff?

A 5" foam mattress will fit perfectly in here height-wise, and a twin size with the corner cut off  is what I made the frame for.
38" x 74.5" in an enclosed area is just big enough for 2 "not too chubby" people to sleep on comfortably. The corner next to the widest part is only going to be a cubby hole, so for extra width a pillow could be thrown into it.

Day 362: - 6 hours
Put in galley sinks/taps/shelve faces and forward berth frame

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