Day 361 Counters, oven, seat tray etc.
Getting the stove into the right position has been difficult, and it doesn't like to come in and out. Lining the screws from the gimbals' plate to the side of the oven and the stove holes is a real "hit-n-miss" situation. We'll be glad once it's in for good.
Around the seating area there is needed a little more space to throw items. ( Remote controls, pens, small items ) I know it looks like an afterthought, but honest, I have planned it for a long time! Besides, stuff will end up balanced on the backs anyway, might as well put in a 1.5" lip to contain the stuff in a sort of "tray."

Apart from completing the back and side of the forward berth bookshelf, then the aforementioned , I didn't get a whole lot of things done today. It seemed to take for ever to do anything. Must be the "end of holidays blues".


 At least there is a place to site the AM/FM radio that I so fondly listen to while working. Seems while in a steel boat away from any openings, the radio waves just can't get through at all. This could be remedied by using a "no gain" repeater. This is theoretically an antenna outside cabled through to another antenna inside. Trick is, what should the antenna be tuned for? AM? FM? I don't think we'll bother as the pilothouse dash seems to be a good reception area...while in the pilothouse.

Notice how well a catalogue fits. The lighter should be in the tray!

I sectioned off the tray so items won't be sliding back and forth piling up. It's the little things that count :)

The lockers over the forward berth now have their bottoms in. It took a couple of tries and some trimming as they must fit pretty snug. The small area behind the bookshelf is accessible, barely.

May be good for stuffing in a box of goodies, old charts whatever.

This photo shows the freezer in place at minimum height. The end edge of the counter will be rounded to make it "bump friendly" and vertical tambour on the facing plywood will increase the overall appearance 100 fold. It's not a large freezer, only 2.5 cubic feet, and will likely only be used as a refrigerator, but it has a compressor style cooling system ( much easier on the batteries than Pelletier junctions used in car coolers ) and can be adjusted to -40 if needed.

The compressor fan can now blow into the large area under the edge of the pilothouse floor, which is about 8 feet long.

Gimbals in place, bolted in well! 7 on each side.
Pictured here is the gimbaled assembly attached. The original configuration was a wrap around that hung from higher up. This was all fine until we realized the oven would need to be 2 feet away from the hull; putting it out in the middle of the galley. The swing distance was much too large!

The gimbal point is lower but it still will balance and we are prepared to put in some small chunks of lead underneath if it becomes a problem.  

Notice the cabinet face protruding inward. It will come close to the oven but won't touch.

Gena chose some trim that  has a 3/4" inset and a relatively round edge. The height above the counter is about 1/4". A lip will help keep things on the counter while under way or at a rocky anchorage.

Myself, I don't much like a lip as it is a little harder to keep clean. Stuff tends to pile up in corners, and this will be an area to keep sanitary. Many galleys are this way so I suppose it isn't a problem.

The counter top pattern is great as it doesn't require any particular orientation. The color is similar to wood colors, but not too dark.

While lining up the counter top with the formica, both covered in contact cement, one corner accidentally touched as we were positioning it! Gena pried and I lifted. Slowly it came back off. Almost messed up the whole thing! Almost.


Day 361:
6.5 hours - Continued island in galley, mounted gimbals, attached countertop, made tray around seatbacks, finished bookshelf



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