Day 358 First on keel Floor, forward berth lockers
The floor is finally finished. Can you see the hatches? We hope not! They are located wherever the boards line up, and the screws denote to position of the handles for unlatching and lifting them, same as day 242. These screws held down the "first" board so the rest could be glued and pushed into place tightly via tongue and groove. The image above is a composite of 2 images ( you may have noticed the color differences) I really need to find a wide angle lens for my camera!
The lockers under the foreward portside deck continue to be my job, and require some precision to look good. A slot routed in behind will hold the plywood bottom and allow for a bit of error in the cut.

A frame still needs to be added along the hull, and small frames across where the sections will be divided up.

Below these is a large expanse of white panel that I don't really like, but I'm not sure if this can be remedied. More cupboards would take away space from the berth.

In this photo, the end of the berth where the foot locker will be is visible. I may put a small locker in under the lockers in the corner, if there is time.

Gena has applied blue-stuff to coat the under sides of the ply that will become the base of the galley cupboards.

The photo below shows our "ebay" oven and stove  roughly position, albeit higher. It will gimbal (of course) and the distance it will need to stick out will depend on how much of an angle it needs to tilt to. It will be fairly parallel to the center line ( which I think is important in rolling seas)


Day 358:
6 hours:
Put in remaining floor, made forward cupboards, mounted frame

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Happy New Year 2007!
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