Day 342 Bottom prep/painting
 It turned out there was more sanding and smoothing left than we thought! It really is quite a large area even though it looks small.

Buffed under pads

Gena mixes Paint (It was windy so safe!)
We almost forgot to grind and smooth the welds under the pads! They had been painted and were hidden from view. Out of sight out of mind rings true in this case hehe...
The alternate pads will be lowered and painted when we do the keel



As my "expertise" seems to be rolling the paint on, it continues to be my job. Gena keeping the paint mixed and refilling the tray really speeds things up.

In the photo at the top of the page you can see me in the "zoot suit". I have learned to avoid hair paint. I don't mind it blue, but it's a bugger to comb!

A first coat was applied after 1 hour, then start over with a second pass. My arm was tired out after all the upside-down painting. Good thing we decided to hold off on the keel.

One concern during todays process was the wind. It started blowing pretty good and the leaves are just beginning to die and fall. We had to hold our breath for the first hour after painting.
Later in the evening it just poured but the tarp protected the new paint.

Day 342:
7 hours - Sanded more under WL. Painted.

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