Day 332 Flo Mounting deck components
Now the fun part begins! Mounting some of the deck fittings that have been cluttering up the house for so long. Some of the holes for screws needed to be drilled, and are accessible to put a nut on from inside. Others had the nut welded on so it is just a matter of cleaning out the hole with a tap.

The large bollard has 2 large nuts so a hole needed to be drilled through the ceiling for the forward ones. The holes will be plugged with appropriate sized white plugs. ( Once we find white ones! )


The cockpit hatches, made of plastic, fit in nicely ( photo right ) after drilling 10 holes for 1/8" screws and nuts, then applying butyl calk in the "track" on the seating side. They are well built with stainless hinges and ribbing. We can't really recommend them though as we purchased them on ebay, and don't know what the brand name is. Luckily there were 5 so we'll have one extra just in case.

The hawse pipes are going to need a bit of work, they are too thick so need to be carefully cut down. I didn't do that before as ther was no way to know the exact thickness of the coating. They need to be fairly snug as only caulking will stop water from getting in behind.

The fact that we can't find the other 7 halves hampered any further effort today he he!


The above photo shows the inside end of the fills shown in the top photo. These will feed behind the dashboard area at the steering station inside. The components on this side of the dash will be shallow so as not to interfere.

After 20 years of looking behind dashes in big trucks, I have some idea of how to lay one out, not to. lol!

All of those wires come from aft, ceiling lights, fans etc. and will tie into the fuse panel beneath the dash.

If you could see the house, you'd understand how this can be.  I often worry about the weight of everything, all the equipment and gear and "stuff" that must be loaded aboard when we finally launch. It's a lot of weight. Suddenly those 1000's of pounds of lead don't seem so many.

Genas mounting job finished
It was nice to get away from the rigor of sandblasting and the anxiety of painting in this climate zone. We just took our time and did whatever seemed exciting, dreaming of the launch date, and enjoying the sunny day.



Day 332:
8 hours :
Mounted deck stuff, peeled masking tape.

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