Day 330 Flo Final coat: Masking
It was one of those " we figure it will take 2 hours - but took all day " days today. I guess you never really know how long it will take until you actually do it.
The idea was to scuff/sand off the top sides and mask it, then put on as much coat as the day would possibly allow.

The scuffing and masking took 8 hours! It was an intricate job as the photos show. The brown stuff is paper.

Because the final coat is a different color, extreme care had to be taken to keep what we want white, white. Notice the cool green masking tape, it's professional and what a difference! It's much thicker and doesn't have so much "sticky" so it's easier to remove. It's also good for 1 week ( unlike the cheap stuffs' one day and it becomes glue )

Knowing this, Gena went mad with it on the anchor rollers! ( Photo below ) The color looks nice and funny enough we were seriously considering green for a hull color at one point not long ago.



The port lights have been covered from the inside with some used corrugate plastic board. Nothing sticks too well to this board which is what I'm hoping for with the thick deck coating material. Paper would make a mess and the original thin lexan is too broken up to use. ( I had a real time getting them off! )


Inset from inside
The deck coating is, as far as we know, something new for boats. We will be applying Color your Hippo box liner from Dominion Sure Seal as a top coat. Our good friend Uri gave us a good deal on quantity. Because it is Urethane ( there a connection? hehe ) it requires some sort of primer coat first. We were instructed to scuff whatever we apply it to. It is a bit more flexible than epoxy base ( like Rhino coat ) so we went with it.
 Because of the stippled texture any slight deformities in the decks or cabin tops will be camouflaged. Not to say the are many ha ha!

This coating can be rolled on but we have decided to spray it on with an undercoat gun as instructed by Uri.

Everything is masked off and ready to go for tomorrow with only some washing to be done in the morning.

 Special care must be taken to sand down thick "blobs" or drips to stop any problems with the undercoat color coming through in the event of an impact or scrape while dragging something heavy across the decks.

 I worked late into the evening trimming down the paint lines from the ceram-Kote and re-applying the tape. I found a really cool dremel parts kit for a mere $24.95 at Peavy Mart. I thought I'd give it a go and everything works fine! There must be over 100 disks, buffing wheels, brushes and cylinders in the kit.

A dremel is good for doing this type of job without causing too much damage.


Day 330:
8 hours : Masked and scuffed decks cabinsides and cabintops, cockpit and swim platform.

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