Day 326 Sandblasting water gen mount
Today was the big day to sandblast off the deck and bulwarks.
This couldn't be accomplished until we got the sandblaster and the compressor working again after lending it to a "friend".
Before we lent it out, we had completely rewired it and made sure it would be ready when we needed it. When we got it back 6 months later, there was no transmission/compressor fluid left in it ( and it takes a lot! ) no gas (Over $100 to fill) the engine oil filter was bunged up and the oil was black, as were the air intake filters (expensive), and there were fittings broken off and one pressure gauge was missing, the other broken. On the sandblaster the pressure gauge was broken, the valve had eaten through and it was full of wet sand.
My lesson here is don't ever lend anything out to anyone! I never will again. $500 later and 2 weeks of hunting around for parts, filters etc it is finally back to usable condition.

To add insult to injury, we blasted for 2 hours ( top photo ) and the compressor quit. We spent the rest of the day trying to determine what went wrong and by 9 PM it became obvious. The ignition control module has packed it in. We called around the next day and nobody local seems to have one. We found them on the internet but it will take weeks to get here.

In a word, we're screwed!
We now must rent a unit for $500/week to get the job done before we must go back to work. Pretty frustrating!!!

The masking tape was good at protecting from deflected sand but not for a direct hit. It just blew right off. Because of the sorry state of the compressors screw, thus reducing the pressure to a mere 100 psi continuous,  Gena had to use the small tip so was able to maneuver around the fittings nicely.

The dead compressor

I did manage to weld on the tabs for the water generator and get those drilled. The top we were going to use from the movie theatre posts turned out to be brass. No good for welding!

Safely tented in
All we could do was tarp over the boat with our new tarp as rain is on the way for tonight or tomorrow morning.    

Day 326 - 10 hours (5 on boat!) Sandblasted around the bow area and back about 5 feet along the cabin. Welded on water gen tabs for mounting.



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