Day 323 Last hatch hinges / smoothing
The polishing and smoothing continued, that is until we realized that 4 hatches had no hinges yet! That's 10 hinges.
Still need to finish front edge
The hinges I had cut were in a their rough format. After some time we found them and Gena smoothed the first set so I could line them up and tack them on. The 1/4" - 3/8" spacing for the gasket was maintained as before. ( Lucky I remembered that! )

The forward-most hatch ( photo left ) still hasn't got it's front edge as it wasn't a priority. Soon we will have the "glass" so it will become a priority. This still can be done after the deck coat is on.

Everything around the hatch openings was buffed and smoothed as well. The amount of work these hatches have been better be worth it! They will be strong in any case.
Hatch works! Last one.


Once the last hatch has been finished I returned to polishing.

Polishing is a labor of love, and the time taken reflects ( sorry about the pun! ) how beautiful it will be. Some fittings look very nice with that extra bit of work, while others, i.e. the lifeline hooks, look almost the same after polishing as they're small.

The hatches are going to be all polished and if they turn out to be a problem with sun glaring, they will be blasted and painted. The ones on the pilothouse are the only real threat that way.


Gena has been smoothing the aft underneath. Back breaking work.
Gena continues to slog away at the hull. Grinding and smoothing all day long. It's hard work, especially th upside-down parts ( photo left ) but she will be in great shape from all the exercise!

Tomorrow will be much of the same thing I'm afraid to say, but the topsides as well as the bottom are starting to really look finished.

We're not too picky about any slight bulges at welds in this area as it will be hidden under the boat. Below the water line most of the weld is being lift on anyway - for safety's sake.'



Day 323: 7 hours - Ground welds hull, polished, hatch hinges all on!

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