Day 32 Putting on split radius plate
As the plating approaches the center of the hull, the curves become more acute. It is necessary to split the plate length-wise, and fair them in together to obtain a better fit. This proposed two problems:
Where to split the plate, ie. where the curved split would sit around the radius curve.
Whether or not to make it diagonal and if so which way?
We were thinking it would be much easier doing these pieces, but forgot the long seam between the two would have to be pulled inline. Across the top, we had to 'V' in the straight line as a slow curve may be more difficult once putting on the flat plate. This presented its' own problem as the lower part of the plate began to buckle outwards. Once the lower part of the radius plate was brought up and fit in, we were able to correct that problem. After a couple of hours of pulling and pushing, things looked up again! Incidentally, there seems to be no further frame distortion, which is a relief.
A word of advice:
Don't use cheap clamps, no matter how good they look! Ours are all falling apart, about 3 a day, and have been a major inconvenience.

Day 32:
9 hours - Put on 5th radius plate

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