Day 319
Forward Hawse pipes
I have been wanting to get the bow finished for what seems like ages! Before the bow sprit is added on, a couple of hawse pipes must be cut out. These are to feed our lines through when tied up at a marina from the samson post. One could just run the lines over the bulwark but wear and chafe on the lines, bulwark, and our nerves makes a hawse pipe a necessity.  
The photo to the right is of the starboard opening. Unfortunately, I had to vacuum water trapped inside there. It must have got in during the difficult weather we experienced at the time I was putting the anchor roller assemblies in. Kinda makes me nervous when I see water in places like that! There was no way to access it from the bow tip, now there is.

The  openings are bridged by the shown 1/8" flatbar bent into an oval shape. This is actually 2 pieces bent 180 then cut to size and welded carefully together. Not a big job with all the experience I've had doing this sort of thing.

It's comforting to know that if the need for electronics tech's ever diminishes, I can always get a job as a fabricator haha!



After welding it in, the inside was smoothed off with a "cone stone" on the big grinder, and immediately coated with primer.

The hawse pipe, shown above is stainless of course, and will be mounted with some bedding compound and bolts right through. Those screws are counter sink ( not included ) and have a nut that looks like a screw again, except it a deep nut, perfect for this application.  
The welds from the frames and stringers to plate each created a small bulge in the steel, a normal occurance.

Genas job today was to go around smoothing them all out in preparation for deck coating. The top photo shows Gena grinding off a coaming to side weld line we never got around to finishing. ( It is on the hidden side so no-one sees it lol!)

We had to break away from our activities to welcome some family aboard, Genas parents. ( below ) I think they are waiting to go cruising as well! We'll have to put them to work scrubbing the decks and polishing the fineries, arrrrr!

We can't move until we're in the water!

Day 319:
8 hours - Put in both hawse pipes, smoothed weld humps and seams.

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