Day 309 Small cupboard & drawers
The space in between the two cupboards aft under the port-lights needs to be filled, and really I have been planning it all along. In fact, although small, I have been looking forward to doing something neat in there!

I knew I wanted to have a small cupboard and perhaps put one of those little spindle rails along the top, but the door was an issue. At first I thought of using some of the roll top desk stuff ( tambours ) but that should be all reserved for the galley. Then for a while I had decided on 2 small doors but too tacky and would be hard to match patterns without using solid board making them too heavy.

One must think of all of these things even for something so simple, will it go with every thing else? Can it be latched closed?  What do we want to put in it?
Suddenly a flip up door came to mind! These pivot cleverly inward and even can be spring assisted!


 Getting the pivot point in the right place was a little tricky so I created and rendered it in CG animation, video above, until it acted right! Just like CAD, but in one hour. To the left shows it open and closed with independent pivot supports. Top page photo shows it in place. A small hook latch will keep it closed although these doors don't open easily by themselves.

Now just picture those little spindles on top and some cute curtains around the port-light! Just like home :)

The other side will be similar except it will be a little bookshelf, a project for tomorrow. I say "little" but they are actually 22" wide. Pretty big for a boat this size!

The photo to the right shows Genas' drawer work in progress. In the lower photo, you may see the wedges on the boxes to match the faces. Well that didn't quite work out as expected so she ripped them all off and refaced the boxes to match the angles.

Wedges are tricky even under doors. I know, I've tripped on enough of them lol!

That took pretty much the day.

We're not sure how noisy drawer slides are on a boat but I plan to make the faces tight.




Day 309:
6 hours - Put in little cupboard aft, mounted all the desk drawers

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