Day 306 Steps!
At last! No more jumping down on to an upside down milk crate, as the cockpit steps are in place!



I'm not sure why we put this off for so long as it was always a hazard getting into the boat, especially for visitors that weren't used to it.

A whole bunch of family is to be coming out to check on our progress soon, and the last episode of my dad getting almost stuck in the entryway is still fresh in my mind.

Many designs were considered for the steps including one made of skateboards because of the curved edges which seems to be in style lately. I have stepped down flat steps while healed and it's not really an issue.

These steps are similar to the ones in our house we made to go up into the loft, except shorter. The main difference is these are slightly inset for strength, which added vastly to the construction time, and will be mounted via stainless brackets. ( Our house ladder is still not mounted after 7 years ha ha! )

The inset in the photo left shows the intricate routing job I did with the dremel about 3/16" deep. The steps had to be tapped in they fit so tightly. Once together with glue and screws, they are very rigid and luckily were square!

The slots Gena cut into the steps offer good traction but if they're not enough we may add some grip tape or insert rubber tubes.

Next, I might as well do the small steps forward into the galley area and the ones going aft.

Gena wanted some more work done on her desk so I cut the faces for the dividers. ( Photo right )

Insetting a slot for the join is always very strong! The good thing is that no screws need to be put in, just a couple of finishing nails and glue after the thing is tapped into place.

There is still snow on the ground but everything has melted off of the boat so the router has been moved outside. This makes for less saw dust inside and eventually some mulch for the surrounding plant life. The wind cleaned off the saw dust several times he he.

Of course the piles around the big saw down below will need to be shoveled up as our driveway is beginning to look like its made of oak, not gravel!

Desk face routed out

Nice desk!

Router does a fine job


Day 306:
7 hours - Made steps and sides for all steps in boat, put in desk sides, fronts, made SS brackets for step mounts


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