Day 304 Vanity, Desk, plumbing
The vanity is really starting to look like...well..a vanity! Gena asked for some border with nice rounded edges and the router and I obliged. As can be seen in the insets in the photo below, a lot of plumbing is in order.

The system will be pressurized, like a house, except for the hand pumps that will be used if the pressure pump packs it in, or for when only squirts of water are needed with thoughts of conserving battery power.

Some of the fittings are "RV" style as I call them. They don't fit anything you might put in your house. This became rather annoying while shopping for fittings that would provide a solution. The drain on the sink ended up being filed out and mixed and matched to other fittings. We found a hose fitting that would work with the hand pump, but had to cut and modify an elbow ( file down the threads some ) to mate with the "RV" bathtub drain. The electric macerator head (toilet) was actually the easiest to hook up believe it or not!  
 The drain pipes for the sink and head are run along the bath tub and set in place with silicone as we don't want any sagging.(left) Drainage on a sailboat requires some thought. When healed over the water won't drain as it would be running uphill. The head has a pump for this.

Problem is, some of the water would likely flush back into the tub causing a really gross situation!

We planned for this with a valve coming from the tubs' drain line. It will only be opened for showers or draining the tub.
The above right photo shows the cool switch panel for the head.

Support block at bottom corner of cupboard
One thing I will say, the head is standard size which is good. ( It's slightly bigger than the one in the house as a matter of fact!)

I worked on the forward side of my desk up front today. Because the hull comes in so suddenly near the bow, the cupboard hardly touches the floor. Originally I was going to raise the bottom and put a single leg for support at the corner.

 I decided that wouldn't look too good so the alternative was running it into the radius of the hull. There will be brackets or shelves in there for holding small trays of parts or whatever. A drawer will be at the top. I thought about a flip-out cupboard like a magazine holder as well. I had better make up my mind hehe!

There will also be a long center "drawer" but that is a work in progress.

The second drawer on the other side was an after thought so I had to push one dowel in from the back. ( Photo right )

Now I must find the longest drawer slides on earth to make use of the immense depth on that side!


I did it! My desk/studio! The seat is for test purposes only...

Day 304:
7 hours -Finished up Sandy's desk, put in plumbing aft, finished vanity and tub curtain

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