Day 299 Forward window supports / aft tub+
There's my project for the day, the front window supports. Made from some solid 2x2 we ripped from the big chunk of oak we purchased last week, it will be good and strong. The mount at the ceiling was originally designed for a 1 1/2" so the size had to be reduced there. The bottom ( inset above ) is widdled down to a tab that holds it in place but has no weight on it.
This all worked out fine as I needed something to support the removable head liner panel and hide the join with a simple overlap. (Photo right)

Because the panel must slide forward to be removed, there will be a small slot. This can be covered with an angled cut of oak bringing the section horizontal.

Rounding the corners of the oak beam was a simple matter up to this area where it needed to be tapered to be square for the join.

The small photo shows the panel in place. It was a tight fit! Took over an hour of trimming and fitting trials. The forward edges will be supported with white screws into chunks of treated ply mounted on steel tabs along the window frame. (Not shown) and the rough edges will have end capping.

Notice the 1/4 round trim along the headliner face. Looks better!

As mentioned earlier, Gena absolutely demanded we have a bath tub. I'm happy with a shower, although a bath is nice every once in a while. They do use a lot of water and heat/fuel so it *will* only be once in a while!
They are handy for washing large things as well. Rinsing salt off of clothes will be likely the primary function there.

Anyway, the photo to the left shows the enclosure wall in place. It is a job to find the right place for a tub to go on a boat this size. If it were any longer it would begin to ride up the hull's radius curve, thus removing headroom. As it sits, for ust here is about 2" headroom.

We were lucky to have found this tub stripped out of a wrecked brand new motorhome. They are expensive new with the enclosure. It was less than half price.

Below are some photos of the cupboard there, with door on. We may purchase one of those oak motifs to stick on and decorate it up a bit. Like I said, we have little  experience in this field really.

The old adage "the difference between a good carpenter and a great carpenter is the great one can hide his mistakes" applies here. Ignoring the white dust all over, can you spot the mistakes?

The corner is obviously filled but just below it there is a round over cut with the router about 1" wide. I matched the grain. Betchya didn't notice that! ha ha!

Day 299:
6 hours - Made supports for front window and cut panel to fit, fit tub/enclosure, coated cupboard insides, hung door etc

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