Day 294 Aft cupboards pilothouse window frames
Gena continued today with the cupboards aft ( above photo ) and is doing a fine job. Silicone was used to hold the 1/2" ply in place to ease battening out to the hull. It will be left on as it offers some protection to the cut edge as well as again stopping any creaking or rubbing.
Frames will be added by way of the face, a frame in itself being 1" thick, and inner framing in viable areas. This cupboard will likely be for hanging clothes as it is tall and deep providing lots of room. Nothing worse than a tight clothes hanger!

As for myself, I have finally reached the pilothouse window framing. It has been planned for quite a while and changed 3 times before. The criteria, besides looking good, are principally water related. Condensation on the windows is as inevitable on the water as rain is!
All of the other ideas involved 2 or more separate pieces of wood stuck together which wouldn't be good with water constantly dripping on to it.
The image to the right shows a solid chunk of oak cut to shape.

Detail on the shape of oak
We had to search to find some rough oak 2" thick, which is the smallest dimension required. Windsor Plywood in Leduc came through again! Gena and I carefully cut it down with the radial arm saw.
I rounded off the sharp edge with the router ( on the router table my dad gave us! ) to make it more "user friendly" then cut them to size. The photo to the left shows them in place. The angles of 30 are split evenly at 15. This makes the corner tips even. If one edge were straight 90, the 30 straight off that would have a much longer edge, making it impossible to get the appropriate overlap. Also it just looks better.

Full length oak ripped down and ready for cutting and fitting

Trying a spare piece for the top framing
The top framing is still an uncertainty. Water won't be dripping on it so it can be done in two pieces. I'll need to decide by next weekend because that's the next thing to be done!
Lucky Gena has had lots of experience with the radial arm saw. It scares me a bit, especially when ripping along the fence. I don't like getting my fingers near the blade at all!

Maybe I'll get brave for the next cut, give it a try. Where's the chain mail gloves??!

Day 294:
6 hours - Framed cupboards aft, framed bottom of pilot house window (port side)

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