Day 289 Flo Last of paneling
The last of the panels to be put up was the pilot house ceiling. We had a bit of a time doing it for some reason, perhaps because we're both tired from a drawn out week of work in extremely cold and windy weather?
The temps, happily, went way up for the weekend! This is not common this far north in December.  The snow all melted off of the decks and cabin tops, making it much easier to work with the marking and cutting.

Gena is so annoyed with the itchiness of cutting that she wore coveralls and a mask today. I held the stuff while she cut and it all blew on me! Serves me right I guess.


The lack of framing near the aft pilot house bulkhead on the ceiling became a bit of a problem. Only one frame at the forward edge of the companionway overhead can be used as an anchor point. I'm not sure why I didn't add more framing really. I know I didn't miss it because there is a tab on the port side to support ceiling panel. Perhaps the enclosure for the exhaust was supposed to jut out to the frame forward of the bulkhead making termination at the bulkhead non-critical.



Whatever the reason, it was pretty annoying to deal with.
In the top photo the holes for the mushroom vents and hatches are visible. The lighting mounts will be cut out later, when we have decided on what exactly we're going to use for lights.


Gena cutting the last panel
There are no large pieces of panel left over which means our calculations on how much we would need were accurate. It's terrible to waste, even though they are only about $50 per.
 Soon the floor will be in permanently in the pilot house so the water tanks need to go in soon.

Because of the heat of the engine ( much hotter than a gas engine) the plastic 50 gallon drums must be protected. Not to mention the water getting warm. This is often a problem because algae ( and whatever else ) can grow better in warm water, or so we've heard. Because our waste tank is stainless, we would like to avoid chlorinating as much as possible.

The insulation in the photo (left) has a thin metal barrier to withstand high heat, and is closed cell type so it won't take on water. Pretty pricey stuff though.

 After some wiggling and pushing, in it went. Gena got busy with checking out the fittings she had purchased.

 Because there are two tanks, the ability to pump water from one to the other is necessary. This means only one outlet will be required going into the pressure pump. I think.

It's similar to a racing tactic to use water tanks to reduce heal by pumping the water up to the high side. I think this has been banned so I guess we won't be racing hehe. Still that extra 500 pounds might make for an extra mile or two made in a day.

The photo to the right  shows the stove pipe exhaust from day 287. The cap is on for when we're not using it, like now. I put a bead of putty around it under the flange so it stays sealed while we "test drive" it.

In the bottom photo the exhaust vent can be seen to the left, and the heater vent to the right, the inner pipe protrudes a little. The top of the pipe will be inside a dry locker, a place to put wet rain coats, or oilies, into for drying out during miserable weather. A tray at the bottom with a tiny drain down into the bilge is probably a good idea too.

The exhaust vent on top is one of three. The other two are through the coaming aft. The air will flow up from below via a box in the corner, then out these holes. A damper will be added to cut across the box deflecting engine heat into the cabin if so desired.
(My idea, hope it works!)

Running the engine for now is out of the question ( i.e. no gauges or start button yet!) but we hope to try out the heater soon.
Can't put in the heater until the floor is in, and can't put the floor in until the water tanks are in and the sound insulation is in. This boat building is so complicated!


Day 289:
5 hours :
Mounted last of ceiling panels. Test fit a water tank. mounted stove pipe flange for winter heat, hopefully!

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