Day 286 Aft cupboard stanchion mounts
The weather has been holding out (i.e.. no snow!!) so I decided to continue with the stanchion mounts. After all it will be nice to have a handrail this winter. The deck gets dangerously icy after a while.

Off level, level.
The mounts were finished up at work during slow periods ( far and few between these days!) and polished to perfection, well, near perfection.

The same method was used as on the opposite side. The forward most mounts were embedded into the bulwark because of the angle and for extra strength where it's needed. They are solid!

I finished all of them in any case and that draws to a close any more welding to the boat. ( Except the sprit which will be added in the spring after we figure out what to do with the tree that now stands in the way! Anyone want it? Come take it away! )


The welds are faired in to the bulwark and should look ok once coated. The big issue is whether to coat the bulwarks with the deck coat, or the hull paint? It all depends on the color really. We may need to do some computer simulations to see what it might look like. Having the hull paint on one side/deck coat on the other may work, but the joining on top are might be a problem. On the other hand, the deck coat being thicker would better hide any imperfections in the welds on the attachments.
From the photo at the top of the page you may have guessed what Gena has been up to below. She decided to glue some panel on top of the shelf to avoid needing to finish the wood on the inside of the cupboard aft. A strip of oak was screwed on to butt the shelf under, then another identically cut panel was glued on underneath.

The angle of the transom held it on aft, and clamps with scrap wood held on the forward edge. Note the tabs protruding from the cieling to which the face will be attached.

It's good use of space in this area we think. Lighter objects like blankets and sheets etc can be stowed up there. We still haven't decided what to face it with though. At first we were thinking of using some of the tambour we had purchased off of ebay, the stuff they use for roll top desks, but we have plans for that elsewhere. Now we're thinking of flip up style doors common in motor homes these days in lieu of sliding doors. The flip ups would need to have locks on them of course.

Speaking of ebay ( and paypal ), see the note below!

A big cupboard!

The day went well, and we pray for no snow for yet another weekend. The fg panel must be cut outside, snow gets annoying after a while working/standing in it.


Ebay risks:

Coming soon!

Day 286:
6 hours - paneled cupboard bottom, finished aft paneling, welded on remaing 8 stanchion mounts

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