Day 280 Georgena checks my messy foaming job Ready for foaming!
Every time we think we're ready to finish, another thing crops up. Then another, and another.  
We just wanted make sure everything was ready, and of course, it wasn't.

I had almost forgotten to weld on the door latch but felt happy that was all that was left. Then today I noticed the hole I had cut into the coaming for air ventilation ( photo right ) had no edging. A piece of flat bar was promptly bent and welded in.

Then the dorade drain needed to be finished. The same photo shows it poking upward toward the vent hole above. After that Gena pointed out that we had cut no holes for the sewage pipe from the forward bulkhead even though I was sure we had months ago before the foam went on. Gena welded the last 4 anode bolts on the keel while I inspected for further things to do.

Finally! We can prime the last section of interior! Looks like someone's getting all red again.

It's not really my color so Gena took it on. ( Not to mention I'm pretty useless with the sprayer! )

While outside, Gena welded the other side of the exhaust flange thingy. I decided to get a nice picture of it. Nice job!

That little stainless elbow is regular price $120, but we got it for  $80. I still can't help but feel a little taken there.

The thru-hull ring is 1/2" SS and is 2" in all directions from the pipe. Gena smoothed it right down but I would have left a bit of an edge to get the paint to stick better. That way if it peeled, that would stop it. I suppose a very tiny slot, say, 1.5" out in the stainless may do the same thing. That could be done with a dremel. Anyway, we hope it will dissipate the heat enough that the paint won't peel at all.

The topmost photo shows we are confident enough to ready for the foam application. The little ones are good for corners and behind frames. We have heard that it may retain water but I tested it and it seems ok. It is closed cell foam but doesn't get hard like the spray-on stuff.

Gena's SS exhaust flange bulges out

Day 280:
7 hours - last minute prep for foam insulating pilot house area.

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