Day28 Finishing touches before plating
Once again the weather has been rather uncooperative, rain on and off all day. The tarp was dragged on and off many times today. Nothing like instant rain cover!
Today, besides finishing off the gussets, we put on the aft keel bar and rounded in it's suttle curve towards where the rudder will be. Scarey!! Our first piece that will be exposed to the elements and won't be changed!
The curved part aft is actually another small peice of 3/8" added on. No job to big or small for the plasma cutter. The frame sure looks nice all primed up, too bad we have to mess it all up again with the nasty plating. All of the neighbors are coming by to have a look. Guess we'll have to start selling tickets ha ha!

Day 28:
4 hours - ( Between rain showers) Put on aft transom bar, finished priming

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