Day 278 Hause pipes, floor framing
Suddenly the leaves are starting to change color which means we don't have much longer to finish the pilot house and get it foam insulated. I don't know what prompts them to change as it is only early September, but they are usually correct on predicting the upcoming arrival of winter.

The above photo shows the framing for the hause pipe hole. This will be where midship mooring lines are run out. The edges of hause pipes are rounded and smooth to prevent chafe of lines and are definately required.

Origionally the hause pipes were going to be triangle shaped. The ones we bought off of ebay were perported to be stainless and in new condition. The latter was true but only one out of eight pieces were stainless. The rest were chromed brass, which is not a good idea on a steel boat! The guy obviously stiffed us with cheap knock offs. Buyer beware.

Anyway, these ones will look much nicer! ( Photo right ) The apperature had to be fairly accurate for the screws to have a good section of plate to go into.

They took a long time to make with all of the little pieces that had to be cut and added. ( 14 in all! )

The rounded edges were made with the flatbar bender as we have no pipe that size and wall thickness.

The photo to the right shows how nicely one half fits in. The bottom had to be ground off some. I didn't want to cut out the rectangle tubing bulwark because it may be under a lot of stress, and if it bent would make a real mess!

The hause pipe half


The other side went more smoothly as I have a little experience now. Lucky we decided on the hieght we did, and kept them them accurate from side to side!

With the deck coat on, care must be taken not to go on to thick here.

This little photo shows a 3/8" tube welded into the bulkhead next to the companion way door. This is one of 2 that will be used for the latches to secure the door closed.

That is a complicated issue and will be covered later! The tubes are also welded inside through a frame for strength.

The stainless wire was in the welder so I thought what better time that to add the final 2 hinges for the companion way hatch.

They were forgotten the other day as this area usually sits under a board used to cover the hatch against rain.

Gena kept busy below putting in all the floor framing out from the center frames in the pilot house.

In the photo you may see only tabs where another frame should be. This is to allow enough room to get the water tanks back in. A wood frame will be bolted in prior to the floor being screwed down.


Day 278:
9 hours total: Hause pipe mounts, floor in pilot house, latch holes and last two hinges on boat!

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