Day 277 Coaltar pilot house
We almost forgot! The front window requires support in a couple of places toward the center. We knew that but have been putting off adding those until all of the plywood was brought in the would be too big to fit through the companionway. Then it was decided to make them in a way that the can be removable, i.e.. can be added after. We almost forgot to put in the mounting tabs for this!
Because most of the final prep work for the pilot house will be outside, we likely wouldn't have noticed.

No matter how much you plan, there's always that one thing that escapes thought. hehe.


The coal tar coating was a success. Care had to be taken not to let it run down into the window seating and build up as this will be the way the windows seal.

The front window won't have any holes drilled into it as there will be a frame all around it held in with bolts.

Tabs were welded on for support of the interior below the windows...remembered that.

Originally we were going to have Mar-guard on all of the windows. This is an outer layer on the plastic that is very hard and resists scraping.

But lately we have been reconsidering that on the front window as it is curved and I believe it may start crazing as a result.

We have done some scanning around on the internet on peoples comments and it seems to be s problem even on hatches.

As this stuff costs A LOT, we are trying to make the best decision we can. A hatch or port-light crazing is bad enough, but the pilothouse must have a clear view or one would be steering blindly.

Anyway, back to the coal tar. We are actually considering coating below the waterline with it. Others have tried it with great success. There is a technique to getting a smoother coat ( which we don't know as made apparent be the above photos ) and it's not expensive.

I like it because it adheres great, even to non-blasted surfaces, and is really tough, no brittle.

It didn't seem like we got much done today, but it took the time all the same. Now the windows can be boarded up for winter. ( No more leaks, yay!! )


Day 277: 7 hours - put in brackets for the pilot house front window supports, coal tarred

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