Day 274 More hinges!
Another thing that needed to be completed was the welded on hinges for hatches and the entry way. I had aleady fabricated some of these, but somehow they grew legs and departed the scene.


Gena drilled some holes in some 3/8" plate so I could cut around them and make some more.

I started with the aft hatch hinges, lining them up against the hatch edge and then with each other with a length of 3/8" rod.

They were then welded into place being careful not to allow spatter on to the rod. (Did that once before hehe!)

Next was the 2 pilothouse hatches on their forward edges. Again some precision was required for alignment, but afterwards all went smoothly.

These only required 2 hinges as they are pretty small compared to the aft hatch.

Last but not least, the 4 hinges for the companionway from the cockpit. Positioning the bottom hinges was a bit of a decision as they need to be low enough to allow the flip down door to be close to horizontal when down.

They also must be high enough to weld all around. In these situations, the best one can do is to bevel in the bottom welding area to a point. The weld will likely surround the point even though it isn't as wide as the rest of the weld up the sides. It seems to have worked!

The lower door that attches to these will also be removable and hopefully can be attached to the pedestal for a little table. It's nice to eat outside and I'm a knife and fork person; always need a table.


The side door hinges were pretty easy after those bottom ones.

All welds were smoothed ( it must be done sooner or later ) and the exposed mild steel primed.

Gena was going beserk down below with the "blue stuff" and go a nice coat on the foam, herself, and any open hatch sides or nearby objects. It'll take a few days to dry, but not as long as it did in winter I'm sure.

Small hatch over pilot house

Hinges galore!

The big blue

After having done all of the hinges etc, I realised that I had forgotten the all important entry hatch hinges! ( duh ) So I'll need to get those done ASAP.

Day 274:
9 hours - Made and put on 11 hinges, blue stuff coated the foam aft.

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