Day 273 Foam!
The big day ( of sorts ) has arrived! We will either insulate the aft stateroom section of the boat, or we will waste $1000 and make a horrible mess! The former prevailed happily.

Cut outs and frame for water tank
There was one small thing that needed to be done and we almost forgot. 2 frames for the water tanks needed to be welded to the aft bulkhead prior to foaming. It wouldn't have been a disaster if we'd forgotten, but it would have took a lot of time chipping away the foam in the area ( so it wouldn't catch on fire ) and then recoating it.

The foam in the bulkhead isn't so much for insulation of heat as of insulation of sound. The engine room takes up 1/3 of the bulkhead below. Diesels can be noisy.

My job was to hold the containers upright and move them around or out of the way as needed. I would be kidding if I said I was as good as Gena is at applying this stuff, so we decided she should do it.
From ugly and red to fluffy and white in 3 hours. It's always amazing to see the transition. The acoustics are better, and it has a warm feeling to it. Well it was warm actually. An almost record breaking day of 30 degrees C, and the heating of the foam as it hardened probably pushed it up to 50 degrees! Perfect for foaming, a little hard on us.

The first set of tanks almost made it, but we had to use about 10% of the next set to finish the bulkhead. The pilothouse awaits the rest, but dimensionally it's much smaller so we should need to buy no more foam.

A rare photo ( right ) of yours truly, enjoying a new room in the boat. The queen size berth frame is now quite visible.

A great job!!

The rest of the afternoon was spent planning cupboard locations, designs, and dreaming.

Day 273:

6 hours - Foamed!

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