Day 272 Putting on some toerails
Foaming prep
Great!! Our stainless order has arrived and now the fun can begin!  
The toe rails under and around the radar arch need to be very strong. Not only because people will be standing on them, but because the main cleats may have a drogue or sea anchor line pulling over them. Also the spring lines while tied to a pier must go over this to prevent chafe or deck coating damage.

5/8" rod is a real bugger to bend in the flatbar bender but looks really nice once done. In the photo ( right ) The port rail is ready to go on. Bending was just by eye because I have lost my protractor thingy again.

They also needed a slight curve to follow the aft deck. The samson post at the bow made a suitable bender for that.
Next, some handrails are added for the swim ladder. A left hand vertical rail and a short horizontal rail seemed to be logical. Another will be added to the right later but isn't priority as it will be on the extension of the transom.

Below are a couple of views. One of the swim ladder extended and the other of the positioning of the rails. I think it all looks great!!


Just had to try it out!
Meanwhile, Gena was doing the pre-foaming in corners and under frames with regular cheap 16 oz. cans. This will take care of the tight spots that are difficult to get at and that may waste the expensive spray on foam.

We think that perhaps one pair of tanks may do the entire aft stateroom. Last year while doing the forward areas, a lot of spray foam was wasted in these corners and behind frames, only to build up to a giant lump that will just be trimmed off.

The foam is around $1000/set so it's important we get the most out of it!

While taking a break, the subject of the makeshift water tanks came up. More, trying to figure out if they would fit through the entry way into the boat.

Guess not! After the blue frame was removed with many crowbars and screwdrivers, then the thing heated and slightly deformed, Gena managed to pound them in there. "Just use a bigger hammer" is our motto!

Today was a really great day! And the boat looks all the better for it. All ready below to foam it up, winter can't stop that part of the boat from being finished hehe!  

Day 272:
10 hours - Put on high strength toe rails, assorted handrails, pre-foamed aft

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