Day27 Putting in Gussets
Although it is generally recommended that the gussets were to be tacked in only, we decided to weld them in solid anyway. The way I figure it is if that area of the boat isn't right, then what is?!
The stem bar must stand proud a little to accept the hull plate, and we tested it with some scrap.

Gussets cut and ground
Once again grinding them off before putting them in was a good idea. I know it sounds silly but sometimes we forget! (Like with the web floor for frame three!) Weather was co-operative, at least for the first half of the day, when rain cut it short.
Earlier on, while I went and had my morning sail in our little 21 footer, loosing my wind, getting stranded in the
weeds on the other side of lake,and burning out the water pump in our Mercury outboard, Gena took it apon herself to build the car for our hoist. She used 4 boat rollers bolted between two plates and a 1 1/2" bolt at the bottom. It seems awfully stiff though so we may have to rethink that, all depending on what Princess Auto Parts has in their bargain bin next time we're there! It's looks nice though doesn't it?
View from high up - Gena testing her "car"
Even though we have a tent to work under, a lot of the cutting of larger plate will have to be done outside. As we will be on the ocean, we are completely at the mercy of mother nature.

Day 27:
6.5 hours - put in gussets, built car for hoist, wrecked Mercury outboard engine

DAY 26

The Live BigBoatCam
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There's wireless at  some marinas and anchorages!

DAY 28