Day 267 Helmpump #1 plate +
Our boat will have two helms. One in the cockpit, and the other inside the pilothouse. When we ordered the helm pumps ( as this is a hydraulic steering system ) we had no idea how large they were. I guess we're just more accustomed to what we see in the local stores for powered pumps etc.

Looks cool! What is it??
Origionally, the pump was to be mounted atop the pedistal outside in the cockpit, but the "new" size demanded it be mounted below and driven from the wheel by a short run of chain through the cockpit floor.

Gena purchased some bearings, sprockets and chain for the measurements.

The pump is going to be mounted off of a plate just below the cockpit floor, and must be adjustable for the chain. ( Photo left shows adjusting slot )


Once finished the plate ended up with several holes. Some for the nipples comming out, some for bolts, some just because I thought it was too heavy.

I place it looks heavy duty, but I somehow think it'll be a real head banger while searching through the closet beneath it. I may split a soft rubber hose and slide it on that edge after everything is mounted to it.

I'm terrible for hitting my head on things, this will soften the blow a bit hehe.

On deck, I was having fun with the stanchion mounts on the poop deck. These ones are easy as they are just 1" crosses welded directly on.

The bottom setscrews will be left out to allow water to drain, and some coal tar will be poured in next time we whip some up for something else.

The photo to the right show rudder stops installed. These are exactly 35 degrees and are required in hydraulic systems to take some load off of the ends of the cylinder. A rubber pad will be installed on each to add some cushion to the stops.
( Where does it end?!)


Anyway, the list aft is getting shorter ( below )

View from deck, stanchion mounts in

I finally straightened out the "bad" toilet mount ( the Head in marine terminology) and I feel much better about it! It will no longer interfere with the doorway, or the berth. The bottom right photo shows an additional mount for the door trim into the head. This is the only door that won't be the type to seal a bulkhead in the whole boat, although depending on who's aboard, it may be a good idea to have this door seal. LOL!
Last but not least, amoungst all the other work that was completed today, the autohelm plate was welded on plus little gussets for support. It is stainless but will be painted all the same so no polishing required.

Day 267:
8 hours - Welded in helm pump mount plate, poopdeck stanchion mounts, rudder stops, fixed head mount, mounted autohelm vain plate

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