Day 266
Helm cylinder
The webcam was focused on Gena building the stand for the steering cylinder today. The cylinder must be aligned fairly presicely in height, angle, and centering. ( Centering is important or we'd just go around in circles hehe! )  
Occasionally, Gena would have me cut different shapes and triangles, then recut them to a smaller size. I could only imagine what was going on down below!
The cylinder mount must be as strong if not stronger than the rudder stand as it will have the full torque of the rudder on it. Not much movement or flexing will happen here we suspect. The plate is 3/8" and everything is "I" 'd coming away from it.

The cylinder is much larger than it looks in the photo with 12 inches of thrust end to end. It must weigh 30 lbs which I think is a good thing.

It must be strong right?? Summer Equipment has our lives in their hands on that one :)

Meanwhile, I was up top trimming off the flange plates of these ( otherwise usless to us ) stanchion mounts. Some are 45 degrees and some are 60. We purchased them all cheap as a lot on Ebay. Running forward of the steps, 16, or 8 per side, are required before the bowsprit. (See day 191 in a new window.)

We didn't want to deck mount them as this would mean many holes or impossible welding. These will be welded to angled flatbar ( lower photo ) and re-polished before being welded on to the bulwark already in place.

This leaves room for the track on top of the bulwark, and reduces toe stubbing hazards.

After those were all butcherd up, I decided to cut out the last two hatches. I messed one up pretty bad ( not shown of course! ) and it'll be hard to fix, but there's no more fancy bent stuff so I'll have to make do.

Day 266:
7 hours - helm cylinder mount built, cut out stanchion mounts and final hatches

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