Day 263 Framing aft
The aft needs a lot of finishing touches and as it was raining, we thought it would be a good time to do them. Sorry about the photo quality. I forgot to take pictures so the webcam images was the only record. ( Which will also be fixed soon!! )

Installing Berth support

The aft berth is going to be the largest on the boat, a queen size standard mattress in dimensions. The mattress will likely be a Coleman inflatable air matress as we both use them now and find them to be very comfortable!

Also mildew won't be a problem. It can be deflated and washed and re-inflated in an hour or so. I'm suprised more people aren't using these in a marine environment. In the winter they are a little cold so a blanket is layed under the sheet for some insulation value. After that it's fine.

Exact dimensions are required and the with was just right. ( Luckily! )

The frame is a 2x2 and will have additional framing down to the web frame below. The area below the berth will be large even after the rudder assembly is complete, so the whole thing will flip up, frame and all, to access beneath. Another plus - air mattresses are light!

Other framing was added as we moved along.

A lot of welds also were smoothed down and small frames that are required to "hang" the interior were added in, much like in the forward half of the boat.

Day 263:
5 hours
Berth frame, various other framing for interior, cleaned welds.

DAY 262

Motorhome CB Installations
That Work!

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