Day 262 Radar arch mounts
Now the frame is up, more rigidity can be added with a solid handrail and stanchions all integrated. The handrail must curve aft at the center to follow the transom ( or it would look silly ) and have a couple of stanchions to support it. (above)
Nice little 316 SS plates ready to weld on

Because of hieght restrictions while hauling the boat out to the coast, the whole radar arch and connecting stanchions must be removable. Bolt on plates for each leg and the stanchions are required.


The plates are longer on one side to allow for small gussets to be installed thus improving the for aft strength of the arch.

The handrail won't need a gate, which is a good thing, as one can duck underneath it while boarding. If a gate were installed, the arch would be weaker on one side. The center bars will be on the center and starboard with only a coated cable hooked across on the port where the steps will be.
The whole thing is very stiff now and will support the radar, antennas, and the wind generator just fine.

Now to weld it up and mega-polishing!!

This will be completed later on in the fall.

Our rudder is finally back from the machine shop and looks really good! We can't wait to test it in it's mounting flanges, but we are a bit nervous about alignment! (below)

Day 262:
7 hours - worked on the arch handrails and a couple more cross supports, went in for the rudder

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