Day 259 Coaming hatches +
The handrail opposite the port side was finished today, as well as numerous other "small" jobs.  
Origionally the coaming sides were going to have SS hatches on top, but we realised that there would be no room for them with the winches and cleats and turning blocks etc. so we purchased some plastic ones ( again off ebay, manufacturer unknown ) and 1 extra just in case. Holes for these were cut out, and a frame needed to be moved over. ( photo right )

The sharp lip is some concern, but with a good coating and sealant around the hatch lip itself, there shouldn't be a problem.

Sorry, I forgot to take a photo of one in place! They are nice though.


Gena also mounted a "breather" pipe for the waste water pipe into the side of the hull. It's high up and away from any areas where smell would be a problem. ( Above pics )

We were going to put in 2 but this one will suffice

There are 2 purposes to this pipe...
to stop gurgling during drainage from the vaccum.
To allow air intake during a pump-out, especially at dock. We have heard of collapsed tanks from the sudden suction of those powerful units dockside!

It must be of sufficient size to accomodate that much air sucking in.

I put in some tabs for the interior panelling along the pilothouse front window.( left ) This area is proving to be difficult because of all of the angles involved. It really needs to look great as this is the most brightly lit area in the boat, and the first thing you see apon entering!

Anyway, we were rained out so we packed it in for the day.

Day 259:
6 hours - Cut out for coaming hatches, handrails, mounting tabs in pilothouse, air intake for waste water

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