Day 253 Rudder assembly
Now the shaft has been cut up and flanged at Finn's machine shop, we will begin to build the rudder! Actually this will be my project to cut the frames and form the dimensions, then Gena wil do the welding.  
Each frame was cut out of 1/4" plate ( our last piece! ) and smoothed. The frames that will butt into the shaft are all the same size, but the top and bottom, that are also offset from the shaft, must be the rudder length minus the shaft hieght plus the difference the angle makes. All this must fit fairly close as the clearance recommende by Bruce Roberts needs to be 1/4" from the hull. A fairly tall order without a blueprint.

First, a 3/8" plate must be attached to the shaft ( carefully as to not distort it ) then add-on plate top and bottom to support the offset ends. Those pieces were made up also. ( Not shown )

I plan the terminate the aft ends of the rudder with a length of 3/8" SS rod. That'll reduce rust problems if the paint on this sharp edge get chipped.

Gena took the oval shaped plate I cut out on day 249 and welded themon in position port and starboard for the bollards. These need extreme support as they may be pulling a drogue or sea anchor on stormy seas one day. Nothing worse than having a hole torn in the deck during a storm!

These bollards are very stong! And big!

Over the next 2 weeks( July 2 to July 17 ), there will be a lot of boatcamming and it's our holidays, so if you're around during the day, don't hesitate to have a peek at Mobile Boatcam

Gena welding on oval bollard plates  

Day 253:
6.5 hours - made frames and bits for rudder. Welded on Bollard plates.

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