Day 248 Head mount & aft tabs
Today I goofed. We goofed. It was really a misunderstanding of the way the berth would flip up. After evening out the floor to floor edge, I began to measure distances for the head. The depth of the unit is 17" which meant it would need to rise 9" in order to not hit the hull.

The top must be level, or even, and needs to act like a step of sorts. The total height of the head above the angled floor will be 26". Pretty high. A rail could be added to assist during a starboard tack if it becomes a problem.

Anyway, as can be seen in the above photo, the frame is basically finished. Then Gena brings the fact that the bulkhead can not overlap the berth in any way. Well needless to say I wasn't a happy camper, and a few tears were shed.


The head idea before and after changes. A curve looks nicer anyway!!

Tabs back cupboard face
Eventually I thought of a way, that wouldn't be too much butchery, to fix the problem. Turn the frame inward and center the head a littl away from the berth frame. The above 3d render shows the difference.

Meanwhile as I tore out my hair, Gena was adding in the tabs and supports for the cupboards across the aft area over the berth.

It's a huge space and will accomodate lots of clothes. Which is important on an all girl vessel!

The face will be in plywood, and the doors will be cut out.

The framing around the aft-most curve wasn't so much to attach the ceiling to (because it will be in the cupboard) but for a bit of reinforcing on a fairly unsupported edge.

The bottom of the cupboard will butt into a strip of wood attached to the framing on the transom.

Day 248:
6 hours - put in head area non level floor framing and head support, tabs aft, final "T" framing.

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