Day 240 Floor hatches, framing
Today is somewhat of a mile stone in that the forward stateroom will be basically finished less the "furniture" aspects. By furniture I mean cupboards, drawers, desktops. OK well maybe it's not so finished, but it has taken on a whole new appearance compared to before.
Gena got busy with framing in the berth, and panelling the face for it. Then framed the supports for the shelf that will eventually be the "radio room" and desk. Treated 2x4's were used for the berth frame and the supports are small oak.

The face finishing on the berth is yet to be decided. Wood looks fantastic, but too much wood starts to darken things up a bit. Drawers would be a nice touch, but would interfere with a very large storage area behind that would otherwise be good for extra sail storage, or perhaps an anchor. If there is a drawer or two, they would have to be smallish.

Framing a desk support like in the photo to right has one consideration: The curve in the hull must be compensated for with a slight raise in the center to keep it straight on a horizontal plane. The oak easily did this, but with larger, wider materials some effort to push it up is needed. If the curve up is too much, the frame would have to be actually cut to a curve. ( Not easy as the top edge is already at an angle! ) I guess that's why boat carpenters are so highly acclaimed; it's a tricky business!!
Forming "sticks" to get cut on shelf

Filling in screw holes with wood filler... Gena inspects alignment of floor hatches
Some of the trim over wood framing was nailed on, with silicone underneath as a bed. Other trim that was particularily hard to curve in was attached with screws, inset to allow for fill. Matching fill for large holes can be tricky, so we had to be sure the fill would be the same color once stained. ( We lucked out really! )
I have many plans for this desk, and area. I regard it as "my space" on the boat. You can see I'm pretty happy to see it taking it's basic most form ha ha!

The edge is going to have a nice curve of some sort to give it a boat sort of appearance as it is so long. Drawers will be under each side adding support framing.

Below is the flooring plan I drew up on the computer ( in flash )
Click to see a
bigger image in a new window. Gena didn't follow it exactly, but the count was correct. Some boards were staggered for additional strength, as in a house floor.

This describes also how the hatches interlock into place. They sure look invisible. That was the plan!

Day 240:
7 hours - made and fit the floor hatches. Made frame for berth, and desk + basic top

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