Day24 Trying out the "mock transom"
We hadn't previously realised that putting in the transom will be no easy job!
We found that after measuring, checking, cutting, rechecking, remeasuring, welding, cursing, and finally throwing away the mock transom frame , it would have to be done once the rest of the plate is on!
May the force be with us for that day....
Sometimes new and radical methods work, but mostly they don't. We did learn a few things though:
1) You can't mimick a piece of plate having
multiple curves with a frame.
2) The transom isn't flat!!( See pic to right)
3) If things aren't going your way, just stop and come back to it another day, if possible. ( Presuming you don't throw it away first! )
4) It might be a good idea to try to find a photo of the boat you plan to build, already built by someone else so little things like the transom being curved become obvious!

Day 24:
11 hours: Nothing much accomplished, call it R & D time!

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Written, produced, and arranged by Sandy Sims