Day 237 Finishing Wood bulkhead
After some thought and deligation it has been decided the bulkhead that divides the galley & dining area from the forward stateroom will be finished in wood. Both sides in oak.

A lot of white in a boat is nice but it can appear too "plastic-ish" when there's too much. The wood will break it up, and give a warmer appearance to the dining area as well as the forward stateroom.

This is important to get that "cozy" feeling to the place.

Gena bravely took hand of the knife and, after careful measurements, proceeded to cut the 1/8" oak ply.

Everything went very well and fit in nicely.Any spaces are small enough to be covered with the trim. PL200 glue was used as adhesive, and tiny finishing nails to hold it in place until the trim is applied.
To the right is the corner oak that will mount over the cabinside to deck edges. It has it's first coat of minwax(tm) finish. Color matching is fairly important ( at least to us ) so a leftover chunk of the ply was also coated to see how closely they match. They did just fine!

Lighting has a big effect on the apparent color though ( top photo ) as the bulkhead under incandescent light hasn't been coated and the coated inset chunk was under daylight lighting. They appear the same...

Carpenters are probably laughing at this revelation!

Anyway, it did as we had hoped, broke things up a lot, plus gave a warmer ambience.

I'm impatient to get the trim on and start coating, but first all of the white dust must be vaccumed out again as dust in the air isn't good for any coating procedure.


From time, we will be broadcasting via
wireless webcam live from in or on the boat. ( Weekends mostly )
Tune in and check it out from time to time. At present it's still experimental ( metal stops radio waves ) but we hope to make it a more "often" sort of thing!

Day 237:
7 hours - Cut and fit both sides of wood bulkhead.

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