Day 235 Pilothouse bulkhead wood
What a mess!! We had to take time-out to clean all that up, it was getting out of hand. We would prefer to be cutting outside but the wind is ferocious and would blow everything away. ( It almost did, some styrofoam got away and was broke into many chunks as it went around and around )  
The framing on the bulkhead of the pilothouse makes a rigid form, but the panelling on just that would be too floppy. A 1/2" plywood layer must be set in between the two.

That was Genas order for the day. Only two 4x8's of ply were needed as the hieght leaves enough off each piece to do the ends under the decks. All the ply was screwed firmly into place, with a bit of silicone injected to deter corrosion in the screw holes, offering a little more sound proofing and a solid base on which to glue the panel.

Two pics "stitched" together of the bulkhead ( no it doesn't look that way for real! )
Patterns were made onto some fiberglass panel from the wood before it was screwed in thus speeding things up a bit when we're ready to do that.

Meanwhile, I was having fun in the sail locker putting in the panel under the decks, and fore-peak.

Everything is first screwed into place with self tapping screws. Afterward, the screws are removed one by one and the holes drilled out to 1/4" for the pine cone fasteners.


Each hole, prior to inserting the fastener, is filled with silicone - once again, we like steel, but want no part of it inside our boat. Especially in the form of rust stains. Just think of the bathtub or sink in and old house. Yuk!
The side deck panels came in 3/4 of the way and I had to make a rather elaborate pattern to fill in the rest under the fore-peak. I wish I had taken a photo of it. It can be seen in place to get an idea. I had to manouver it around the chain pipe which was quite a feat by myself!

Sometimes we ask each other for help when working on totally different projects, but only in dire situations. It's better we leave each other alone rather than interrupt the flow of things! Sometimes we both work together because it's quicker, other times it's just "leave me alone!"

The end to end panel joints needed to have joiners on them. Silicone in corners is one thing ( especially with this cool little corner thingy we bought! ) but silicone on the flat is UGLY!!
The curved panel at the top of the above photo will have some end capping on it. No plastic cornering will look good on there, it's too slight of an angle. Wood cannot be used at all because of the moisture in this area. Even the floorboard will be coated both sides, likely with more "Blue Stuff"

Finally, I put on the panel to cover the ugliness ( yesterdays photo ) of the chain locker. The panel had to be glued and clamped as no screws could be used, and bolts would be down-right silly!

Day 235:
7.5 hours - Finished panelling in sail locker, put up wood on the pilot house bulkhead galley/dining side.

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