Day 234 Nice Locker! Sail locker
The last but not least area in the forward half of the boat to panel is the much feared sail locker!
In the end it turned out to be much easier than we had origionally thought it would be.
The foam running up to the hieght of the frames was one real helper, as was the fact that edging won't be applied because here looks aren't as important as waterproofing. Silicone will be used in all of the corners.
Old sticks triumph again with a little hot glue!

Ooops! forgot the ceiling is higher in here!
First we took a shape with our old sticks that were used to measure in the bulkheads way back. This method didn't disappoint us as usual, but the bulkhead panel did. We forgot the ceiling is higher in the sail locker, as a result of matching it with the hatch frame.

A small strip was added across the top. Won't take visitors in there! They'll never know!

Probably the hardest part of the whole thing was the curved forward piece ( seen in photo to right ) It was not co-operating at all. I cut three different pieces before I finally got it right. It's a tricky shape because of the very wide angle it's coming in at, so measurements could fall off easily. At $45 per sheet, I wasn't happy to waste a whole sheet off on this little section. Oh well it's only money ha ha!

Many sailors have said that the bow area is the wettest area of a boat, so we plan to have this puppy sealed up tight. We're also going to "Blue Stuff" inside the chain locker ( the ugly black thing ) to reduce chain noise and clattering when in heavy seas. I plan to panel over that messy looking coal tar to give it a nice look ( since i still have nearly a whole panel left over from the mistakes on the curved section ! )

All bright and cheery up there
The incomplete section in the bow will be where the pressure washer resides. Two small doors wil close to hide it and protect it from rogue chain piles. Under the decks still need to be done here, but it's well on the way to "done".

Day 234:
6.5 hours:
Paneled sail locker,ceiling, bulkhead, cabin sides..

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