Day 233 More ceiling panel
As the outdoors changes from the snowy white into spring, the inside of the boat changes into snowy white!
Bottom of door temp left on for strength
The bulkhead is the dark spot and must be covered.

Putting in the forward cabin cieling was much easier this time now we know what we're doing! ( Not to menton the join is mid-hatch he he )

Back to the bulkhead; Gena did some magic with the level and square and everything fit well. The lower outer edges were left on some to allow for an indicator mark to be drawn and the door cut out to be marked.

The glue-miester
The bottom of the panel across the door was left on until the glue was applied to prevent accidentally breaking the bridge across the top. Note in the lower left photo we finally used some corner edging - all around the bulkhead.

Finally, before serving it up to the steel, we traced it out for the sail locker side which will be pretty close.

The glue is PL400, good for FG and steel. Pretty sticky stuff! We clamped a board across in potential problem areas just to be safe.

It sure seems slow going this panelling, but believe me, it's definately not at all like panelling in a house!

Just the light shining in through the tape patched portlites makes everything so bright inside. Just love it!

Day 233:
8 hours - Put up ceiling and panelled forward stateroom bulkhead.

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