Day 231 Radius panel
The hull radius curve fought hard against our plans today! Because the fiberglass sheets were only availabe as 4 foot widths, a small portion below each panel needs to be filled. Not so much for the look of it, as 3 of the 4 will be under seats, lockers, and galley cupboards. Just so these areas are durable against the objects we stow here.

Tape holds bulging, below more white pinecones!
The above photo shows a plastic joiner connecting these two together. This took us over an hour to get it to line up! Because of the problem of compound curves in the radius, the job was daunting. I personally don't think it will stay well, but we'll see.

Once was enough. The next section (photo left ) we pushed up under and attached, overlapping, with several fasteners. This caused little bulges to happen so we taped and used silicone.

Unfortunately this is the one that will be exposed under a desk so a wide wood trim may be the answer. Vertical slits really would be the answer but that would likely even look worse!

Horizontal strips of wood on small tabs will be the ultimate answer in the aft section.
( Another great idea from Brent Swain, now suggested reading if you can find it! )

One good thing happened when the panel was overlapped. It became stiffer by far.

Wood panel in this case likely would have been better, but we're happy so far with the results regardless.

The galley/dining areas were much less work as the curve of the hull at this point is flatter and more constant.
Another hour and everything was done. Now we'll wait for the glue to dry and see what's what.
The rest of the ceiling is next.

Eventually, the large chain plate slots will be boxed in lightly and foamed over for looks and condensation prevention.


Day 231:
6 hours - Put on 4 lower panels.

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