Day 229 Panelling interior
Today we began the process of panelling the interior of the forward half of the boat. Not with stained dark wood panel or boards, but with something bright and cheery!

Second panel in place but not mounted
note the cut out for a chainplate
We are going out on a limb with the material we have chosen for this; fiberglass paneling.

It is 1/8", a bit floppier than 1/4" wood, but very strong and with a randomly ( loosely termed ) raised texture and a semi gloss look, it seems to be a great material for this.

There are some considerations with this type of panelling though. In some places it needs support where wood wouldn't. Luckily we framed rather extensively so for the most part this won't be a problem.
Another consideration is how to cut it. A jigsaw would have worked and we were going to do it that way until Gena saw the guy who loaded up our truck with our order cutting some up with a grinder with a thin blade.

Monkey see monkey do ( photo left ) and it is very accurate and quick! Makes lots of dust though, so we had to wear masks during more intense cutting. It is still pretty cold out, but we managed to crack open one of the hatches to get some air circulating.

Near the bottom of the panel, the radius and boats curve made wavey shapes in the panel, which was expected, but won't be much of a concern as these areas will all be hidden behind seats or cupboards.
The 4 foot width made them all come up short so we will be adding end pieces down to butt into the flooring. This will protect the foam.

Under the decks aren't very visible, but must be done as they will be seen...especially from the berth in the forward stateroom!

Also before laying in the panelling, Gena came up with the idea of putting in some thin foam padding. You can see it coming out under the panel in the top image. This will make it somewhat cushened, add to sound proofing, as well as act as a water barrier. It is normally used under the new style thin wood flooring now available, as padding.

Day 229:
8 hours - cut panels for dining, galley, and forward stateroom under decks. Cut under deck peices.

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