More foam coating
Now blue is in, white is out!
Today made up for day 225's pitfalls. We found some foundation coat, water soluable, blue, and OMG! thick!

"Blue Stuff" coating works great
At first we thought we were in for it again when we cracked open the cap of the pail ( left ) but after fixing the compressor and loading it into Genas now clean air sprayer, it sprayed on wonderfully! A splash of water was added for posterity.

In 3 hours, we had the whole galley/dining area completed, ceiling and all.

One evening this week, once everything is dry, we will fix up flaws in the forward area as there are some. The lowest watercatching areas are most important to seal.

It ain't art, but it's the best painting we've seen in a while!
Well, now that the foam has been taken care of, we can proceed to more interesting and fun projects. The floor in the galley and dining area was in place for a while.

From this we got a good idea of the size of the area ( which is quite large actually! ) and have decided to switch sides on the galley and dining areas, The galley doesn't need to be huge as not a lot of time will be spent there. Changing it over to starboard only takes away a foot of cupboard space above and solves the problem of working counters around the mast.

The dining area on the other hand gains a lot in the way of table size and extra seating. We also noticed that floor hatches will be less complicated and more accessable.

All that we need to do is run a drain pipe across to the port side, instead of straight down. Even this may become an easy task as we may be taking the sink off of the island and putting it against the pilothouse bulkhead, directly above the pumpout tank.

The diag. to left shows both possibilities. Notice the way the gangway turns at the galley entrance area. That makes it efficient we think.


Day 226:
3.5 hours - sprayed on foam coating in dining/galley areas

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