Day 225 Coating foam

Today we coated the foam ( forward ) and nothing went as planned.
Back in the summer we did some testing with foam coatings and many paints work. One that seemed to meet our criteria was latex roofing stuff.

It is tough, but flexible; we need this because we don't want to line many areas below the floor for storage. Problem is a lack of circulation that would be beneath it. We considered many materials, but only plastic lattice would suffice, and it's full of holes! Anyway latex is good for this.

It must also protect the foam from water. As we have recently found out, closed cell doesn't mean water sealed, it just means air can't get through it easily. Nothing is totally sealed in the plastics world ie. watermaker membranes. Latex is water based ( funny enough ) but is very waterproof once cured.

It must not eat into the foam. Some stuff will eat the surface off of the foam and go all crispy.

Anyway, we thought we had matters in hand until Gena couldn't find her latex paint sprayer. ( The nozzel is much larger to allow thick stuff like latex thru ) So we went and bought a Wagner airless paint sprayer.($140)
It may be good for stain or thinned paints but even with the largest nozzel ($34) available for it, and even though the instructions said it would, latex was a no-go. Gena was ready to throw it overboard, so I tryed and a few minutes later so was I! It was useless no matter how watered down the latex was. A frustrating two hours went by and Gena ran in the compressor line and attached her primer sprayer.
This worked somewhat slowly as it needed to be pulled apart and cleaned, but at least it sprayed some!

After an hour, the compressor threw it's pulley. The shaft key had worn off, probably because of the cold.
We ended up applying the rest with paintbrushes. Foam is hard to paint!

The final insult for the day was running out of latex ( because we wasted so much ) before even starting the next cabin. Oh well, the day was done anyway. Tomorrow, we will get some more and try to make the air sprayer work better ( or find the latex gun )

Blog: A friend who has purchased a used steel cutter has just stripped his interior and the foam, uncoated, underneath was sopping wet. This reinforced out believe that coating is a good idea. Even though his boat is 20+ years, the plate thickness is still sufficient after the rust to relaunch with minimal repair. Not bad!!

Day 225:
Latexed the foam in sail locker, and forward cabin


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